Intivation was founded in 2003. We develop and market highly innovative, proprietary SunBoost technology that increases the power output of solar cells making a solar powered device that works. Intivation partners with some of the world’s leading ODMs, and has broad experience integrating solar power solutions in portable consumer electronics.

Intivation is the foremost expert in smal form factor solar applications and an industry leader in the development of solar powered mobile phones, chargers and battery packs.

  • Fabless semiconductor company founded in 2003, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Industry leader in efficient (mobile) energy harvesting, holder of several patents, with more patents pending.
  • Global coverage via offices in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Engineering based in the Netherlands.
  • Partnerships with EM Microelectronics and others; eco-system includes distributors in Asia and others.
  • Accumulated know-how and experience in solar applications such as lighting (outdoor, traffic) and consumer electronics (mobile, chargers). Winner of several awards (GSMA, Accenture).

Our vision

A world in which harvesting energy gives portable and mobile products full autonomy and its users security, freedom, control and pleasure of use.

Our mission

To help the world’s leading technology brands to make their products and devices fully energy autonomous.


Intivation BV

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