Increased battery life #1 desire

March 25, 2011 admin news

The Mobile Indian published a striking result of a recent poll organised by Nokia to determine user’s preferences for an affordable phone to reach ‘the next billion’, one of the big themes is telecommunications:

Just a fraction under 20 per cent of the total people, who took part in the Nokia’s poll for the ‘Next Billion’, wants their phone to have a longer battery life followed closely by Internet access with 11 per cent people opting for it.

The sole purpose of the survey, according to Nokia, was to know what the mobile users expect from a smart yet affordable device.

Of course Intivation strongly subscribes to this notion. Especially in the emerging regions, where most of ‘the next billion’ will be found, electricity is a huge issue. While mobile networks are generally available, powered by solar and diesel, it’s cumbersome and even expensive to charge a cellphone in places where electricity is not readily available.

With the recent launch of our latest technology, we have brought embedded solar power to a new level, and we expect to see more and more handset manufacturers to adopt solar technology (hopefully with our help) – especially since more and more users are indicating that more power is a key issue for them.

Solar powered phones solve the electricity issue in a very elegant and user-friendly way: it’s the most convenient and cheap way to charge a mobile phone. And as the phones are increasingly used to access the internet, the need for electricity in the device will only grow.