Solar mobile phone

In partnership with Digicel and ZTE we launched the world’s first solar powered mobile phone in 2009, to great acclaim. This product has won awards from GSMA, Global Telecoms Business magazine, and Accenture, and went on to sell in over 32 countries across the world.

Since then, we’ve developed phones with many other manufacturers. In 2011 the first solar smartphone was launched, in partnership with Umeox, ringing in a new age of true mobility and connectivity. Solar phones are bringing a better life to rural farmers in places like Kenya, Rwanda, India and Brazil, giving them a reliable, free energy source for their phone – which they rely on for communications and money transfers.

Cell phones come in all shapes and sizes, but we’ve developed two sizes of our Smartcell specifically to fit a broad range of small portable devices, including the smallest feature phone. If you have a special size, you can use our tiny Sunboost3 chip – we’ll help you develop the perfect solution for your idea.


We have plenty of experience developing all kinds of solar powered handsets, here you’ll see some of the amazing products we’ve helped our clients create.