SunBoost3 integral solar power for portable devices.

Intivation’s second-generation SunBoost technology enabled the world’s first mobile handset, already provides best in class performance, and currently serves hundreds of thousands of happy customers in over 30 countries.

With the SunBoost3 platform we’re taking solar powered devices to a new level. Whether you are making a solar phone, a lamp, or a wireless sensor, and regardless of your level of expertise, Intivation has a high performance, top quality and easy to use solution for you.

Technologically, SunBoost3 provides several important improvements. Its core technology is more efficient than our previous solution, offers a broader power range, works even better in low light (low power) conditions, and has a dramatically lower standby current.

By integrating required components for a good charge into our new IC, we have been able to reduce both your total BOM cost as well as the solution’s total footprint to the level that even the smallest devices can now benefit from this technology. In short: a better charge, and a smaller, more cost efficient solution.

With SunBoost3, we are moving beyond supplying an IC and engineering advice. Built on top of our new core technology, Sunboost3 offers a much wider range of choices that are easy to work with, offer superior performance and simplify manufacturing too.

A solar phone has different requirements than a lamp or a wireless sensor. In order to optimize the functionality needed, within SunBoost3 there is a range of ‘flavours’ – with basic functionality or all the bells and whistles, and specific applications such as lighting, ultra-low power and high-power in between.

Advanced safety management, access to the data-API, integral LED control, charge indicator controls and 5V USB in/out are some of the possibilities.

What the SunBoost3 platform offers in all forms is better performance, reduction in your BOM cost, better use of space on your PCB and equally important: it significantly improves quality control and reduces your logistics, testing, and even warehouse costs by a vast reduction in the number of components used.

Key Metrics

  • All software on board
  • Embedded MPPT
  • Custom PV cell shapes
  • Single cell: no cutting defects
  • Advanced safety management
  • access to the data-API
  • integral LED control
  • charge indicator controls
  • 5V in/out